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Black Hole: Know how this strange theory can explain Black Hole

 Black Hole: Know how this strange theory can explain Black Hole

The solution to the limitations of Black Hole interpretations has been expected to be found through String Theory.

Black Hole: Know how this strange theory can explain Black Hole

In which a black ball can be replaced by a fuzzball. Black Hole is one of the most mysterious bodies of the Universe so far. So far no direct evidence has been found about them.

  • They are such objects where our knowledge of Physics completely fails.
  • Even after all this they are present, but what if this body is not a blackhole, but rather a ball of string with a vaguely vibrating body.
  • The latest research has not only predicted the possibility of this being true, but it has also been said that they can be seen in the coming times.

What are blackhole (black hole theory)
In a recently published Live Science report, advocates of this theory talk of replacing Black with a less mysterious body fuzzball or fuzzy ball. Blackhole is neither black nor hole in this theory, but it and compressed neutron stars. Neutrons are formed when a body does not have enough gravity to shrink, yet the substance inside it is so dense that the whole sun can be contained in a city. Also You Read How to play Google Pay Go India game and win up to Rs 501

Where did the concept of black hole begin
The concept of blackhole was first introduced in the great physicist Albert Einstein's general theory of relativity. 
  • In that theory, if some of these substances shrink to a very small volume, then the force of gravity will become very effective.
  • This gravity shrink will greatly dominate the four basic forces of nature such that powerful nuclear force keeps matter connected.

So this is a black hole (what is a black hole) 
Once the delicate boundary is reached, that substance only shrinks to infinite microscopic points.
  • This infinity point is called singularity.
  • This point is surrounded by a surface called an event horizon.
  • And this point is the place where the force of gravity neutralizes the speed of light, that is, it pulls the light in itself.

What is Problem with this concept
Of course there is no such infinite subtle point, so this picture looks wrong.
  • But in the middle of the 20th century, astronomers began to detect objects that looked like blackholes.
  • And after they were impossible, they were seen floating in the universe, looking at the area around them.
  • Even Einstein's theories do not fully explain the Black Hole.

And this contradiction
This is not the only problem. In 1976 physicist Stephen Hawkings realized that the blackhole is not really completely black. 
  • Due to the strange quantum mechanics, the blackhole slowly evaporates, flies away.
  • This created a paradox.
  • All information is contained in the blackhole, but as is understood, Hawkings radiation does not contain that information.
  • So what happens to that information when the blackhole flies away.

Expectation from this principle
For decades, theoretical physicists have been working hard to figure out how to interpret the blackhole, and with it even the contradiction and signicance of the information. Some of these scientists are working on String Theory.

What is this string theory
According to string theory, the entire substance of the universe is basically made of stings, ie, threads or fibers. They are so small that they cannot be seen. This theory claims that it is the principle of everything. It can explain every particle, every force, and everything in the universe. Therefore it can also explain Blackhole easily.

String Theory gives a different but simpler explanation of Black Hole.
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